About me

I’m Kerri Hall; a blogger and freelance copywriter in Cornwall working for universities, charities and small businesses.

I love to talk, travel, work, be beside the seaside, and try new hobbies*. I’m often sharing tips about budget-sustainable-living and writing about inspiring people doing inspiring things.

The ‘Cosmic Pear’ wouldn’t be complete without my husband Lewy who loves to travel, explore and surf. The day we met he told me he was going to Venezuela. I said: “So am I”.

Ten years and twenty one countries later, I’m happy to report that I didn’t scare him off. We’ve had an incredible array of adventures, with hopefully many more to come closer to home. I hope they figure out a more sustainable way to fly one day soon!

*Current list of hobbies include poetry, knitting, hula hooping, painting, baking, running, yoga, white water surfing and Spanish. I should probably add blogging to that list too.

Kerri Hall Freelance Copywriter