Life in Cornwall

Seaside life in St Agnes

Some days I can’t quite believe this is our new Cornish life. We’re a few minutes stroll to Trevaunance Cove, a welly stomp away from the fields and just a scoot down the hill from St Agnes Bakery. All we need now is some sunshine. I suppose that would be asking too much.

St Agnes Bakery

Our guests get taken to St Agnes Bakery because it’s my favourite spot in the village. There’s nothing better than a blustery stroll along the coast path, followed by a quick cider and then a pop up the bakery for a sweet potato, mushroom, sun-dried tomato and onion pasty or a Rattler and apple sausage roll. Yes by Rattler I mean cider. A cider sausage roll.

Don’t even get me started on the cakes and breads. My Australian friends would love this place. Needless to stay I’ve had to get a gym membership.

Buying local

Once a week I pop up to The Veg Shop St Agnes to get free range farm eggs and locally grown veg. There’s a weird and wonderful variety of healthy ingredients and they deliver veg boxes to your door. I also pop into the paper shop to get a free copy of The Bolster magazine which holds all the Aggie news and events. Including the village’s festivities!

The Bolster

To my surprise, the Bolster isn’t just the name of the magazine. The Bolster is a legendary grumpy guts who made his wife hike up the hill with stones in her apron. Every year the locals head for the cliffs with a giant paper mΓ’chΓ© Bolster. Here is a photo taken from the Bolster Festival website. Handsome fella huh?

Living on the South West Coast Path

The other perk of living in St Agnes is direct access to the South West Coast Path. Most weekends we set off North or South from the house to get a dose of ‘blue health’, in waterproofs and hiking boots. We’ve worked out all the walks that lead to a cafe or pub.

This weekend we did the nearby (extremely hilly) 5 mile return from Porthowan to Portreath. We stopped for toasties and cake at The Hub, who conveniently sell locally made trinkets and candles. Naturally I loaded up the backpack with Christmas gifts for the walk back!

I can’t wait to see St Agnes all lit up for Christmas. Rumour has it that the locals jump in the sea and BBQ on Christmas Day. Brrrrrrrrrr. Not quite Sydney temperatures but maybe we should join them?

The view from my window πŸ™‚

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  1. Wow! Those pasties sound fantastic! Loving the blog and great photos,


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