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Scared to show up?

Has anyone else started something new this year that has been absolutely terrifying? Pushed you out of your comfort zone? Made you squeal inside? But THEN you give every ounce of yourself and your skills and voila you deliver. You smash it. You realise you can help people.

I can list so many people who have done just that! Friends who have started terrifying jobs, started a business, gone back to study, changed career, quit work to travel, done public speaking and started lovely communities (Jess!). Incredible people doing incredible things.

However, one thing we may all have in common, is the struggle to believe in ourselves and what we have to offer. This struggle makes it so hard to confidently sell our skills.

Certainty. Belief. Responsibility.

Last week I listened to Cathy Heller’s podcast episode “The #1 strategy for outreach“. In this amazing episode she talks about how certainty, belief and taking responsibility for your life is what makes you show up and deliver. She said: “When you reach out to somebody, you are doing them a service… We are here to add value, not ask for help.”

I took these magic beans to the Cornwall Business Fair to find out how Cornwall businesses have been showing up and delivering for others.

We’re sociable creatures. Together we make magic.

I left the Cornwall Business Fair feeling inspired by the people I met, energised by the challenge and recharged with confidence. My magic beans have started to grow. The experience has reminded me that behind every business there is an inspiring story to share. That’s exactly what I am here to do for you.

Here are some of the stories that were shared with me at the Cornwall Business Fair:

  • Fionn from Crow Creative, who told me that three years ago their small team started on a mission to create inspiring National Geographic-quality of video, to the Cornish community.
  • Shane from Cornwall Waste Solutions explained how his small start up has now hugely expanded and is finding innovative ways to reduce and reuse waste – even for hard hats!
  • Julie from QDataShred told me for very 10 tonnes of paperwork they collect, two native English trees are planted in English forests.
  • Claire from Perfect Sums told me she started her book keeping business just three years ago and already has a team of four serving the Cornwall community.
  • Sam from Everest Media explained that SEO is part art and part science and that with the right training, copy, content structure and platform, a solid strategy is achievable.
  • Charles from Pirate FM told me how the radio station has raised thousands of pounds for Air Ambulance, having had huge support from local Cornish businesses.
  • Dean from Microtest, told me that this family business has helped the NHS save money, time and improve patient care through their software. He added if it plugs in, they can help!

I hope that these stories inspire you to believe in certainty and taking responsibility of what you want to achieve like they have for me. But above all, I hope you believe in yourself and the power of just showing up.

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