Life in Cornwall

Sydney to Cornwall

In June we decided it was time to leave Sydney and pack up our Ozzy life consisting of three backpacks, one suitcase, one box and two surf boards. Six weeks later and I’m writing from the garden of our Airbnb ‘festival caravan’ in the old Cornish mining town of Pool.

Two years in Sydney was hella fun and one of our favourite adventures both professionally and personally. I reconnected with my inner-creative while Lewy discovered his love affair with surfing. We had the best jobs we could’ve asked for and formed the Cosmic Pear which is my exciting freelance project from here on.

Where to now?

Great question. I’m hanging around in wifi-equipped gardens, launderettes and cafes while Lewy brings home the facon (it kind of tastes like bacon). 

Deciding to leave Sydney provided us with a very rare and precious opportunity to observe our life and consider what’s important. Family, friends, the ocean (it’s cleansing effect and the surfing), countryside, community, exploration, beaching, hiking, drinking coffee, good food and creative opportunities all made the wish list.

Just like in the past when Latin America, London, Bristol, India and Australia have all called out to us – so did Cornwall. When Lewy landed his exciting new job as a Project Manager at Everest Media everything else fell into place.

How do we feel?

In the groove. We’re finally over the jet lag and shell shock of being in Kernow.

It hasn’t been an easy move. It was hard saying goodbye to the glistening streets of Sydney and stepping back 1000 years into the cobbled market streets of Cornwall. Yet now we can see through the haze of moving countries we feel enamoured by this old-worldly beauty that will now be our home. We couldn’t have made it without the incredible support of family, friends and kind strangers to get us up and running. Thank you.

What are we doing?

Anything goes. For now we are staying in a caravan and letting the Cornish life take us by the hand.

Our first week has been proper job. The sun has been shining, lots of pasties, picnics and I finally tried surfing (better late than never!). We also watched The Cat Empire play an intimate gig at a local beach, one of our all time favourite bands. What a treat! We flamboyantly jigged at the front along with the local students – knees, cider and sand flying everywhere.

Salty air on our faces we threw our hands up singing:

“It’s while you’re still young
Find your heart and find your soul”

Then it hit me. An elbow in the side and the realisation that we’ve already found our heart and soul. We’re still young, but we were younger still when the unknown road first tempted us and that’s not about to change. Let’s see where this Cornish adventure takes us!

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