Inane nonsense

How friends become fam when you’re so far from home

While Sydney always sounded so shiny and full of opportunities, my lovely friend Lozza was undoubtedly the gravitational pull. Over the years she’s sent me countless turquoise ocean Snapchats and rooftop bar selfies. While I’ve returned the favour with less than glamorous Friday night drunk calls.

Then, a second lovely friend (little Helz) made her way to Sydney too, leaving me more and more curious about this huge paradise waiting to be explored, hiked, beached and danced upon.

Never alone

But I honestly couldn’t have imagined that alongside Lauren and Helz, we would be lucky enough to form such a big, fabulous, vibrant, supportive group of friends when we are so far from home.


Our motto has always been to push ourselves to take up any new connection recommended by a friend, family member or kind stranger. These connections have introduced us to some of our greatest friends and provided some very random experiences.

Keeping this in mind, when the lovely Lowanna, a great friend of another great friend (Ali), offered to introduce us to her old London pals living in Sydney, along we went with an open mind and a bottle of wine!

The group welcomed us in with open arms, and since then the group has grown and welcomed more family members met a drum and bass raves, festivals and beach days.

A mixture of English, Irish, Australian, South African, Welsh, Californian, Indian and Canadian, it’s fair to say we are a pretty diverse group and while most of us are thousands of miles from ‘home’, we are never far from a friend who understands our homesickness, travel bugs and wild ambitions.

An ode

So I wanted to dedicate a blog post to all of our Sydney friends, following a rather ridiculous weekend dancing around with tequila shots, in a giant mansion, in 80’s aerobic wear. Thanks for being there. Thanks for being so outrageously fun. Thanks for loving us. And thanks for being the cutest bunch of shenaniganfamalamlings that ever existed.

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