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10 cosmic ideas to save money

Whatever you are saving for will be worth it and getting there is all part of the adventure. These ideas will get you there sooner if you can stick to them. Challenge accepted?

1. Reduce your outgoings: Workout your monthly outgoings to see if you can reduce any existing bills e.g switch your phone provider, change your car, move to a cheaper gym and cancel subscriptions. Don’t be tempted to cancel your charity donations though! Work out your finances using our cosmic savings plan.

2. Cash only lifestyle: Work out your budget for weekly food and fun money, then take it out in cash at the beginning of the week. By not using your card, you can track your spending better and avoid being tempted to buy any unnecessary purchases with the card tap.

3. Cut the cost of your food shop: Get recipe ready! Write a list of your meals for the week and only buy the ingredients for that menu. This will make you more creative in the kitchen and give you leftovers for lunch the next day! Every penny counts, so put back the expensive items and find a cheaper alternative!

4. Stop buying lunch at work: The days of boring school sandwiches are over! Get creative with your home packed lunches and your bank will be very grateful. Think outside the lunchbox, why not put pesto and sun-dried tomatoes in your sarnies, or make gourmet salads with roasted veg and feta. Homemade soup is a healthy option too and the trick is to leave a loaf of bread in the freezer at work. Check out some Yummly recipes.

5. Replace your takeaway urges: Instead, have a cheap comfort dish you always make whenever you are craving a takeaway (e.g pasta with cheese and ketchup if you are me, or always have a cheeky shop bought pizza in the freezer).​

6. Dine out on the cheap: For special occasions, why not halve your food bill by booking a table through First Table, or by downloading a voucher? Always opt for a BYOB restaurant too. Alternatively, why not host and cook for your pals and ask them each to chip in $5? Then they can return the favour. Nice.

7. Try the no hangover rule: You can still go out and enjoy a few drinks – but drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink, or only go for one. By only taking cash out too, you’ll have a great reason to leave early and the next day you’ll be hangover free!

8. Switch to cheaper transport – legs: Walking or biking to work will make you feel revitalised, less stressed and get you in great shape – anything up to an hour is easy. Also, STOP getting Ubers unless it’s Uber Pool. By catching the last train home or hopping on the bus, you’ll also leave the party before sinking too many drinks – the next day you’ll be grand!

9. Avoid your vice: We’ve all got one. I can’t help buying colourful tiny bowls. I’ve banned myself from all shops where bowls may be lurking! You know what yours is, so cut it out and just treat yourself once a month.

10. Tell your friends: Tell everyone you’re saving – over and over again. They will soon stop begging you to stay for an extra pint, or attend expensive trips – instead, they will support you on your journey and they may even start saving themselves.

Go and unleash your thrifty potential! Let me know how it goes.

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