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The really surprising engagement

You may or may not want to know about our engagement, which we have neglected to share the details of. On Friday 15th February, Lewy turned up relatively drunk from work drinks, at 6pm to our dinner date in Sydney Harbour. I was totally sober and noticing every tiny detail of the evening.

One of those details being the shape of a small box blatantly sticking out of his funky Friday shirt pocket. His behavior was peculiar, but he was his fun charming self, tucking into a pizza. At the end of the meal, he thought he heard the waiter say ‘no card accepted’, so he suddenly walked off into the swarm of tourists, with me left standing there in total bewilderment. Naturally, I paid the bill and waited for him to return from his nonsense mission to find cash (which he didn’t find). He isn’t usually this strange.

Sunset and the John Butler Trio

We had two tickets to see the mother trucking awesome Australian John Butler Trio, on the cascading steps outside the Sydney Opera House, as the sun set over Sydney Harbour. This was so many dreams come true. As you can see for yourselves the singer and guitarist, John Butler, is one of the hottest humans alive, a kind one at that who cares for the earth and is ridiculously talented. The bass player, drummer and back up singer being just as sick. Yes I did just say sick.

Me being ‘that person’ filming on my phone at the gig. Glad I did though!

Fun fact, when my Mum came to visit in Sydney, we were solemnly waiting for her taxi to take her back to the airport. So we put on the 12-minute studio version of John Butler’s song Ocean and did the mum dance lolling all around the living room. Pure joy.

Anyway back to the engagement. John Butler starts playing his 12 string guitar like a Greek god’s harp and singing a beautiful number called Losing You. Lewy reaches into his protruding shirt pocket and gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. Somehow, despite the ocean of people surrounding us, only the two ladies behind us witnessed our special moment. I said yes and Lewy held me up because my knees gave way. I know Lewy chose that song because he wants to make sure I’ll stay with him when he gets old and grumpy. I sure will.

“I don’t mind growin o-old
Losing teeth and going bald
Not as handsome as I ever was
But you love me just because
All I mind’s losing you”

After the gig, we asked a random stranger to take a photo of us. She, also overcome with giddiness from John Butler, didn’t even notice that this was an engagement photo. It seemed it was naturally supposed to be our secret for now.

Two people standing in front of the Harbour Bridge with engagement ring
Engaged in Sydney Harbour Feb, 2019

6 thoughts on “The really surprising engagement”

  1. How lovely to read your blog whilst having Sunday breakfast. Such a beautiful romantic engagement, love the photo! Keep writing Kerri, love reading about your adventures xx


  2. That’s a very romantic story and with everything that’s been happening, you’re right, the engagement does seem to have passed us all by – so, thank you for sharing. Not sure if the reference to ‘mum dance’ as ‘lolling on the floor’ is a compliment or not though 🤔 best I don’t know probably … Love mum x


    1. The Mum dance is something I have been mastering for years, it involves swaying arms in all directions while jiving and not caring what you look like 🙂


  3. I’m having a coffee in bed reading this romantic tale – you guys 😍 He picked his moment alright! xx


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