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Ground control to major Aph

We all experience highs and lows in life. Sometimes it just takes another being to help you reach the light. To find your voice.

Since graduating from university and into adult life in 2009, Aphrodite (Aph) Delaguiado, aka Drowmore Creative, has been drawing to express what she’s struggled to say in person. She’s constructed a digital labyrinth with hundreds of ink drawings, artworks, comics and doodle blogs – that Bowie himself would relate to.

She may disagree, but I believe that her person and her alter ego are harmonious. If her life was perfect you’d find illustrations of bright pink, blues and yellows bursting from her brains. Instead, you’re taken on a journey of displacement, illusions, and dark confrontation as she tackles life obstacles day by day. Drawn with effortless purpose – honesty and emotion are ubiquitous across her work. From her masterpieces, people find their own story and connection.

Through trial and error, Aph has proved true her ethos that creativity is a gift, not a commodity. Her journey of blogging and self-expression has affirmed her focus on art and design collaboration, connecting with people, their problems and passions and bringing their stories visually to life.

The Messenger

Take her latest project, a collaboration on a short film titled “El Mensajero” (The Messenger). Here she’s dived in deeper between the unordinary pages of design and illustration, beautifully capturing the raw and unseen world of another being. One who hides emotions, one whose story she was dying to tell.

Inspired by The Beatles song, “Fool on the Hill”, the provocative film is about alienation and the loneliness of human existence. Surrounded by technology, city lights and strangers’ faces, The Messenger’s heart beats with darkness and loneliness. As technology connects the world, people are disconnecting and drifting apart. Unaware of their impending doom.

The Messenger character asks “why are we really here?”, a glimpse of fear flashes through his eyes. He’s alienated, invisible and falling unseen from heaven to earth. The reversed sky bottomless and empty. Surrounded by people, he is totally alone.

An original film concept based on the poem “The Messenger” written by Aphrodite Delaguiado


Aph also breathed life into The Cosmic Pear. A name without a body soon became a perfectly fitting brand with a suite of designs and online assets to match our mission and ethos. She managed to perfectly visualise what we were trying to say with words.

She said, “The truth is, I love to draw. I love the process of creating and storytelling. I’m happy to share my experiences, feelings and truths that may not mean anything to anyone else. It’s personal. That’s my art. That’s who I am as an artist.”

Like Aph, to bare this reality we each need to find our focus and connect with people around us. Without human emotion and life’s precarious journey, we would have fewer stories to tell. So explore your creative mediums, find your voice and reach out into the world in your own way. Don’t be alone.

Follow Aph on Instagram @drowmore or get in touch for commissions, collaboration or any queries

Drowmore Creative: “What matters is having creative freedom, not corrupted or limited by the influence of money.”

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