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The perks of eloping

To the amazement of many, we did kind of run away for the weekend to get married. It wasn’t quite as spontaneous as it looked however, because legally you have to give a celebrant four weeks’ notice to get hitched. But we did make it happen in exactly four weeks.

I have been taking my wife duties very seriously since. I have moaned zero times about watching the Hobbit, or Lewy surfing until unearthly hours, and I made a macaroni cheese from scratch (with kale and mushrooms of course). That is the true definition of a doting wife.

While I appreciate and love attending a big fat wedding, for anyone pondering a smaller or more spontaneous occasion, I thought I’d share my experience.

Three reasons to elope:

  1. Eloping is all about you: You have nobody to consider except the person you are about to spend the rest of your life with. You can make the most of it over a long weekend and do all of your favourite things together (ours being food, cocktails, beach, surfing and a curry).
  2. Eloping is stress-free: At a minimum you only need a celebrant, two witnesses and your location. We also invested in flowers, nice outfits, an Airbnb, a fancy lunch, and a photographer, and we wrote our own vows. The Porsches, bagpiper and videographer were all kind volunteers!
  3. Eloping is affordable: Our Sydney wedding cost a total of $2,370 (£1,300). See a full breakdown of costs at the bottom of this blog with links to the amazing celebrant, flowers, outfits, accommodation and lunch we enjoyed. Our witnesses however are not for sale.

The kindness of strangers

The other perk of eloping is that everyone gets really bloody excited! The real wedding buzz started when we chose our Airbnb Iluka. Hosts Brian and Kim were so excited that we’d chosen to elope in their beautiful holiday wing that they jumped on board with lots of special touches. Bubbles in the fridge, chocolates, beautiful personal wedding ribbons and they even roped in the kindness of their friends to drive us in their matching 70’s Porsches. While their next door neighbour Munro popped over to play the bagpipes (which was amazing). All these little details made it an incredible day.

A wedding gift that will last forever

If for some CRAZY reason you haven’t watched our wedding video please do. It was kindly produced by our talented friend Jake Willis – with what seemed like minimal effort on his part but captured absolute magic. Vlogger Jake is one of the most chilled out positive guys I know, and this was a dream wedding gift.

The ultimate Sydney elopement list:

  1. The perfect celebrant: Amanda Knapton – $650 (£350)
  2. The kindest Airbnb: Iluka in Cronulla – $550 (£300)
  3. The indulgent lunch: Sealevel Cronulla – $550 (£300)
  4. The flower crown and wrist bands: Floral Fix – $110 (£60)
  5. The attentive photographer: Louise Reily – $200 (£110)
  6. The bridal outfit: Charlie Holiday playsuit – $180 (£100)
  7. Lewy’s jazzy outfit: Academy Brand – $120 (£65)

So that’s it! We got engaged. We got hitched, and now we sit around with matching mugs (thanks Erin) and in matching husband and wife t-shirts most evenings (thanks Jess and Paul!). I’m totally in love, and in awe that Lewy has agreed to put up with me forever more.

Happy long weekend all.

Proof that Lewy signed the book!

2 thoughts on “The perks of eloping”

  1. You guys are so cute, love it! Hope to see you next time you’re back in the UK.xx


    1. You guys are ao cute too! Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂 hope life is being good to you x


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