Inane nonsense

Inane nonsense

I’m Kerri Hall. I love to talk, travel, work and try new hobbies at least twice*. I’m 31, excellent at saving money and love to turn life upside down and then change direction blindly. I like to freak strangers out with flamboyant greetings and despite our rather nomadic lifestyle, I’m an obsessive life planner.

Lewy is the other half of the Cosmic Pear. He only has two hobbies which he actually maintains (guitar and surfing).

We both accidentally chose marketing as our initial trade, which we’ve always tried to use for moral good and fruitful adventures (mainly in Mexico, London and Sydney). Lewy now manages digital projects, while I work as a freelancer.

Over the last ten years we’ve lived in more dwellings than I have toes, some in tropical and others in questionable locations. We can pack up an entire apartment in two hours and feel most at ease living out of a backpack. So while we think we’re as boring as a day-old fruit salad, our nearest and dearest seem to think we pack more of a fruit punch.

This brings me to the Cosmic Pear Adventures. I love to write about our discoveries and life lessons. So I have poured some energy into building this jazzy blog. Lewy has promised to break up the inane nonsense occasionally with the odd serious post, but ultimately the hope is you may find some of our tales useful, or at the very least entertaining on a dull day.

*Current list of try-outs include poetry, knitting with the Ball Warmers, hula hooping, painting classes, baking, running, yoga and Spanish. I’m hoping blogging will last longer than most of these!

Very big hat
This is what happens when you don’t follow a knitting pattern properly.

10 thoughts on “Inane nonsense”

  1. Obviously Stockwell counts as a tropical location right?


  2. Love it. Looking forward to plenty more!


  3. Love reading about you both, my tropical fruit salads 🤩 keep them coming! Xxx


  4. Love reading about your adventures 😁 your wedding looked amazing!😍


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